Get a skin of porcelain as the Asian women.

Asian girls have an enviable, skin like porcelain dolls. In addition to that this genetics on their part, must not forget that these girls spend a lot time in the care of your skin, with rituals and beauty secrets that have been renamed from generation to generation.


The ideal is to beautify the skin without makeup. make it beautiful by itself.


While in the West we treat the problem (wrinkles, spots, etc), they prevent it. From all angles: feeding, treatment, in general (if the body is healthy, the skin will be all body care it)… and also to cultivate the mind, since it is a fact that a mind serene, calm and healthy, guarantees an equally serene, calm and healthy skin. For the people of Asia, there are no parts separated in an organism: everything is related between Yes, and all part of a whole.


Therefore, take care of your body and your mind and take care of your skin.




Some of the secret of Asian girls are:

1 Rice, this powerful natural cosmetic
Rice works wonders on the skin, clarifies it and qualifies it. It inhibits the production of melanin, so Asian have the porcelain color in your skin. Moreover, of the more economical that you are going to find, that it can be cheaper?
Ideal for skin is rice water. Aplicala on the skin, you can apply it throughout the body, not only for the face, will have extremely soft body.
2 Power supply

The power is reflected in the condition of the skin.
The Asian are also served rice as main ingredient in your diet; In addition, cooked steamed and rarely eat fatty, and much less saturated.
3 Tea

Preferably green or white because they are those that contain more antioxidants. In addition to drinking it, apply it on your skin to decongest, cleanse and invigorate.
A cup of green tea a day will make the skin look cleaner and free of Granites.
4.-Powder Pearl

Purifies, corrects imperfections, softens, soothes inflammation and irritation of the skin… a mask to the skin that many Asian women use, is to mix Pearl powder with an egg yolk, acacia honey and water; stops 20 minutes on the skin and rinsed.
4 Massage

Therapeutic massage is very famous in Asia. There are many different that return energy to the body and stretch the muscles and skin, which gives you light.
5.-Sport and stretching

In Japan, there is the belief that the more flexible is one thing, is more alive.
That is why that work our flexibility allows the energy to run through our body in the proper.
Practicing gymnastics (also the facial) assures us that neither we nor our skin we stay off the minimum of change.
6 Otefuki

Otefuki or Oshibori are those tissues that often spread at restaurants before and after the meal, and it is very common in Japan to use them, not only to clean the hands but also the face.
Moisten them in steam and apply a few drops of essential oil, and apply them in the face. That gesture relaxes your skin (for heat), opens the pores and tones, and prepares the skin for further processing (which is usually the moisturizing, mask or serum).
If you want to make yourself your own otefuki at home, just grab a small towel (for cotton, which are smoother), and soak it in hot water (I use rice water, I think it enhances the effect of the cloth), drain well, and add a few drops of any oil or, even, a little talcum powder, to soften the skin.


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